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Janice’s First Impressions: Withings Activité Pop

Janice with the Withings Activite Pop

Janice is one of our BlueCross employees testing five popular fitness trackers and sharing her experiences so you can make a better choice about which one is right for you.

When you begin your journey toward living a healthy lifestyle, it’s easy to feel lost. It can be scary to see so many people around you going in many different directions. You find yourself faced with many loaded questions, and you feel overwhelmed.

The good news is there are many tools, like wearable health trackers, that can help you find your way. Janice, our employee tester, is someone who knows all too well how helpful these tools can be when trying to be healthy.

“Getting the chance to take a closer look at fitness trackers you want to know more about is a welcomed surprise,” explains Janice. “It’s even better when you know the process might help others find the direction they need to get started on their own journey.”

A Comfortable Fit

Janice has been testing the Withings Activité Pop. If you’re someone who likes wearing a watch or a bracelet, the Activité Pop is a fitness tracker you’ll definitely want to consider.

“It looks and fits like a wrist watch, but I don’t normally wear a watch and take my jewelry off to sleep so it took a few days for me to get used to wearing it,” Janice describes. “The fit is very comfortable though.”

Janice describes the set-up instructions as ‘pretty simple’ and said you can’t use the fitness tracker unless you have a smartphone or tablet to download the app. One thing she said she didn’t know was that a Wi-Fi connection is ‘a must’ when downloading the app.

“That bit of know-how can save you a couple days of set-up,” Janice states. “But it’s good to know that product support will get back to you within a day of reaching out. After the app downloads, you can begin tracking your activity right away.”

Janice and her husband started their wellness journey more than five years ago. She explains that staying motivated can be hard, but she is excited about using the Activité Pop because she can share her progress instantly with her husband and kids.

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A Pocket-Sized Health Coach

“The app acts like a pocket-sized coach helping you set and achieve goals,” Janice said with enthusiasm. “It’s waterproof too so you don’t have to worry about sweat or water ruining it. If you’re a swimmer, you’d definitely love using it.”
But to get the full benefits of the device, you should wear it 24/7 because it can track your sleep movement.

“At first I thought I’d only use the Activité Pop to track my activity, but I’ve been checking my sleep movement daily, too. It also has the ability to track your blood pressure which is something I might try to explore soon.”

Favorite Features

Overall, her ‘top five favorites’ of the Activité Pop are:

  • Accurate tracking
  • Comfortable fit
  • Watch and app communication
  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life

Reviews are not scientific and are the sole opinions of the reviewers, not an endorsement by BCBST of any specific device.
Consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program.


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  2. Dorin Stancu says

    I use the original Activite version and I also have a wireless blood pressure monitor.
    The activity and data tracking is really nice, you can visualize it on the HealthMate app and if you need to show it to your doctor, you can download the raw data (for free) and print out the graphs.
    There is also a wireless scale (didn’t use it) so you can have this also linked to your account.
    All in all I am happy with my Activite. It keeps me motivated (10,000 steps a day goal) and gives me feedback regarding the quality of my sleep, so I can make adjustmetns to my lifestyle. Did I mention you can take it for a swim? The tracker will automatically recognize swimming and log it as such…

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