Author: Cheryl Malik

Adults doing squats in the gym

How to Prevent and Treat Skin Chafing

So you started a new exercise program. Way to go! You’re making serious efforts to improve your physical and mental health, even your quality of life — and you should be proud of yourself. However, you might be experiencing a few negative side effects of the new routine, making it harder to feel proud and easier to feel, well, annoyed. Sore muscles you might expect, but if your skin starts chafing? That may be an irritation you weren’t ready for, and certainly one you don’t want to deal with. Luckily, there are ways to prevent and treat skin chafing. What is Chafing, Exactly? Chafing develops when areas of skin rub together repetitively in a warm, moist environment, producing an uncomfortable or painful irritation. Whether you’ve been attending Zumba classes regularly, going for runs outdoors or hitting the elliptical a few times a week, if you notice red patches of skin that are tender or painful, you might have skin chafing. The repetitive motion that accompanies physical exercise, coupled with increased body temperature or warm weather …

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A Helpful Guide to Hiking in Tennessee

When the weather gets warmer and the cicadas begin to hum, we Tennesseans know it’s time to get outside! Emerald rolling hills, mighty rivers and shimmering lakes are just a few of the many reasons to lace up your hiking boots and hit the trail. After all, hiking in Tennessee can be one of the most enjoyable ways to get active while taking in the landscape and breathing in the fresh air. Not only can hiking in Tennessee help support your physical activity goals, but taking a trek through the woods can improve your mental health, too. A recent study showed that people who walked in nature — as opposed to urban settings — showed decreased levels of depression. So fill up that water bottle and grab a friend, because it’s time to get outdoors. Bring a Friend While you can certainly have a solo outdoor adventure, hiking with a buddy is always safer, so call up a friend and set a date to hit the trails. Once you’re trekking, don’t stray from your group …