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Navigating the Gym for Strength Training

When you’re starting a strength training routine for the first time, stepping into the weight room can be a daunting task. The number (and variety) of machines may feel overwhelming, and being surrounded by weight-lifting pros might be just a little intimidating. However, stepping outside your fitness comfort zone is critical to achieving your wellness goals – and there’s no better place to get started than in the weight room. Here are some tips to help you stay stress-free about strength training. Start With Free Weights and Body Weight Although machines can make strength training seem easy, they’re often more complicated than they appear, particularly for first-time users. Instead of spending 10 minutes trying to master one complex machine (and another five waiting for someone to finish using it), spend five minutes performing a basic free weight or body weight exercise like tricep dips or weighted squats. Not only are these movements easy for beginners, but they’re also considered building blocks of a solid strength training routine. Once you’re comfortable with a handful of basic …